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2020 loadingWHAT IS DIGITAL MARKETING IN 2020?The 21st century has heralded enormous technological breakthroughs in relation to Digital Marketing. As a Hobart based digital marketing agency, we remember all those sci-fi films and programmes showing us what the future will bring. So much has been promised, and so much delivered. What was science fiction, has now become reality.
New technology has been introduced, but some of it needs fine tuning. 2020 should show these promises improve and become common place. The way businesses work has been markedly changed and it seems will continue to change.


One of the biggest changes seems to be in the company structure. Less management seems to be the call for future businesses. More technology means reports etc. can now be performed by staff within the day to day operation of the company, not high paid executives. Technology is very inexpensive (in some cases free), so a desire to embrace this area is strong. The programmes used in most businesses make the decision making much easier and quicker and allow the average business the ability to compete in the open market.


Social Media will improve in the 2020’s. Up to now it has been a minefield of information making for a confusing, oversold way to market your business. In the future, this will be streamlined and a more positive approach toward this popular shop front will proceed. Much of the hype will disappear and leave a more effective and profitable marketing tool.


Mobile payment systems for businesses are already available, but again there are many teething problems. With the increase in usage, this system of payment will increase and improve in the 2020’s. The huge battle between who will control this area – banks, credit companies, software companies etc will continue for some time. Everyone wants to make the money from this very lucrative economy. It will be very interesting to see what happens in this minefield in the future.


3D technology. This beauty has been around for some years now, with the ability to use it becoming more and more affordable. With the affordability comes useability. They are making prosthetic limbs already, at a much-reduced price, and are pioneering production of body parts through Nano technology, which will soon be available – including the ability to make human skin. How exciting is that? The ability also to produce mock ups of buildings or products will also improve.


With all this new technology being introduced, a past technology unfortunately bites the dust. Newspapers will no longer be available, making it essential for businesses in this industry to change their operations totally, or just fade away. People are already reading the news via their laptops and this will increase and improve over time. Advertising will change as a larger audience will be available for your advertising budget.


Interaction between user and computer technology is improving all the time. The once unreliable voice recognition is advancing leaps and bounds. Now executives or department heads no longer need typists, they can simply dictate their letters or reports straight to the computer and produce the required document. Think of the time this saves?
The ability to produce digital displays via computer improves also. Videos, memes, giffs, all these will be easily accessible to businesses and help improve their public awareness. Marketing companies will be active assisting their clients in the production of these outlets.
So, there were some ideas of how 2020 and beyond will affect us. I believe it will be an exciting time with marketing companies embracing these new technologies and passing on the benefits to their clients.

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