GEOTAGGING – What Is it.

We hear so much these days about being “tracked” when we use our computer or mobile phone to surf the net or on social media.  There are many positive reasons to add Geo Tagging your site.

If you are building your own website and want your browser to refer local visitors to your site, then this method is essential.  Your browser will identify the location of a person making a request for information on a certain subject and recommend local sites or services to their inquiry.

IMPORTANTLY, Geo Tagging is a huge boost for your GMB (Google My Business) Listing to help establish your site as the leader in your local area, suburb or city.

Just see what Local Marketing Expert Neil Patel has to say about Geo Tagging and how it helps improve optimizing your web site to get a higher conversion rate for your goods and services.

You probably have encountered the situation where you have searched for e.g. Dentist.  And the recommendations that pop up are in your general area unless you specify which area you are seeking.  Also, you may be supplied through social media other companies who fit the criteria you are seeking.

Some people find this extremely pleasing as it saves them a lot of time and effort trying to locate what they want.  Others may find their privacy infringed and not appreciate the idea.  Well, the good news is, you can turn on or off the app that supplies this information any time you wish.

In respect to businesses building their web site and wishing to fare well with SEO and increasing their visibility to the browsers, this method is essential.

The Geotagging relies on GPS location ascertaining where you are at that moment, or in photo geotagging, exactly where the photo was taken.  This can be invaluable information if you are in a difficult situation and find the need to call emergency services.  The operators answering the phone can tell instantly where you are calling from if you are having problems with the location.

When all is said and done, geotagging can be a real asset.  For those who are contacting their work to say they are at the dentist and you forward a photo of such, then the geotagging shows that you are actually at the beach, then it’s not such a good idea.  Like all new technology, there is an upside and a downside.  It is up to you to decide which way it benefits you.

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