As most readers know, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation.

This is the term for making your website stand out to Google and other search engines and rank your site higher. 

The old days of SEO are forever changing and information you had regarding SEO and how to take advantage of it, may no longer be relevant or producing results like it used to.

Below is a list of things that will (if not already) change in 2019.


The old days of writing an article, posting it with lots of keywords has slipped in the “necessary” ranking procedures.  People are no longer happy to read through reams of information to obtain the answer to their questions. 

You must engage your readers and get them wanting to hear the next thing you have to offer.


2019 will see the blog change from written articles to podcasts. 

Podcasts can run from 10-15 minute up to an hour on a chosen subject and will elicit more interaction than a written blog.  A great way to get inspiration for your podcasts is to go to News Jacking and see what is popular there and utilise the information. 

If you are writing about Marketing, it is sometimes a good idea to comment on a local news story which you think your listeners will be interested in – try it.

A lot more people (potential followers) are searching “Voice Search” than ever before, so getting on to the bandwagon and getting your articles “voice friendly” is the way to go. 

If you don’t have the ability to make your own podcasts, an easy way would be to use Amazon Polly.  This Ap will read your written articles and transfer them to voice.  The voices are remarkably good.  You can still tell they are computer generated, but the inflection and expression created now are quite amazing.


A lot of people developing their SEO tend to solely use Google as their search engine.  Use as many search engines as you can now for better coverage. 

Engines such as Bing, Duck Duck Go, Yahoo etc. are available and if you  Google the names of available search engines, you may be surprised to find there are around 14 of them, with new ones surfacing regularly.


SEO’ing via YouTube is still a fabulous way to gain followers.  Again, ask the question, how do I SEO on youtube  Remember, place your new podcasts on to YouTube and watch the hits you receive.



Speed is the number one requirement for your blog, no-one will wait for longer than a few seconds for a new blog to appear.  Try getting rid of “Chat”, this takes up an enormous amount of space and for little return.


Search Engines want to see constant updates in your blog.  Write your original articles; add one at least every two days.  Also, regularly go back to old articles and re-vamp them.  Once an article is over a month or so old – or older, rewrite it, update it, add to it and repost.  This will also help with updating your current information knowledge that you can pass on to your followers.


Articles, or more importantly, Podcasts, need to be full of helpful information.  Gone are the days when a generalisation is acceptable.  If someone reading or listening to your blog cannot glean any helpful information, they will most likely not return to your blog. 

Make your podcasts and articles interesting and supply answers and they will be flocking back, boosting your SEO exponentially.

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